Wayne Messam, Florida Mayor Announces to Bid for President Come the Year 2020

Wayne Messam recently announced his interest in vying for presidency come 2020. The South Florida mayor who is also a former state Florida footballer player announced his intention on video on Thursday before an event which was planned for Saturday.

Messam is the first African American Mayor of Miramar, a city which is situated near Miami. His folks relocated from Jamaica to America when he was born.

In his announcement video, he said that the promise of America belonged to everybody and that is the reason he was going to contest for the presidency.

His Life Before Politics

Before getting into politics, Messam was running a construction company. In the year 2011 Wayne was elected into the Miramar city commission in Miami. In 2015 he was elected as mayor and was to lead the city which had a population of 140,000 people.

However, regardless of his many accomplishments in Miramar Messam is not well known in the democratic party. There are high chances that he will face a fierce battle against the many Democrats who are interesting in bidding for the presidency in 2020.

Many of the Democrats who are interested in the presidency seat have been in politics for a considerable period, and they are highly recognized in America. Several senators, governors both current and former are interested in the democratic nominations. There are also some rumours that the former vice president Joe Biden could join the others in the race of vying for the presidency seat.

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