US Troops Face Expulsion Threat After Donald Trump’s Visit

Trump’s unexpected visit to Iraq has
prompted some parliamentarians to demand for the immediate withdrawal of all US
troops based in the country.

Politicians in Iraq have criticized the
actions of the US president, saying that his surprise visit is a violation of
the nation’s sovereignty. The politicians are of the opinion that Trump has no
regard for the Iraqi government and what it stands for.

After Trump visited the U.S. forces in
Iraq on Wednesday, Iraqi lawmakers 
called for a vote to evacuate the over 5000 US troops in the country.
Although politicians from the different blocs of the Parliament are yet to meet
to discuss the visit, they have agreed to schedule a session where the matter
will be debated. 

When Trump visited the US troop in Iraq,
he stated that he had no plans of withdrawing them from the country as they are
part of a coalition battling the Islamic State group and helping to curb civil

It is public knowledge however, that
foreign interference has been a major concern for Iraqi politicians especially
supporters of cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. They have always suggested that the

U.S and Iranian governments have limited
involvement in the affairs of Iraq.

Trump’s visit to the country has given the
politicians further reasons to push for the limiting of foreign interference.

The Islah parliamentary bloc and the Binaa
bloc unanimously condemned Trump’s unexpected visit. Following the visit, Sabah
al Saadi, leader of the Islah bloc called for an emergency meeting to put a
stop to Trump’s aggressive actions. According to him, the US president should
know his limits. The Binaa bloc in a statement said that the visit does not only
violate diplomatic norms, it also shows the president’s hostility towards the
Iraqi government.

The office of the Prime Minister of

Adel Abdul-Mahdi has reported that the US informed
them of the coming of the president. However, there was a disagreement about
where Trump and the prime minister would meet, resulting in the cancellation of
the meeting.

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