Trump Goes after Obamacare in a new attack promising healthcare reforms

President Trump has done renew his attack for Obamacare in a tweet that he sent out. The president states that he was initiating steps to ensure that the Republican Party would ensure that there were healthcare reforms in a step which is being seen as a move to do away with Obamacare. The Department of justice was also noted to e siding with a lower court which had declared the law invalid.

The US District Court Judge Reed O’Connors had ruled that the law was illegitimate because the individual mandate given by it had been ruled out. However, the judgment has been criticized in the legal circles with some critics. The new sentiments by the President will now initiate another round of Republicans trying to stop any concerns that the voters have been facing about their health. Many people have been fearing that if the law is repealed they will have their pre-existing conditions vulnerable and therefore the need to ensure that the clauses are maintained. However, President Trump did not help the situation after making the announcement.

This comes just after Muller reported that he did not find any ties between the Presidential Trump campaign and Russia. Political commentators have been curious about why the President does not what to ride on the new found relive and get a bit of time to relax before he initiated the Health care reforms talk. All that the people can now do is to wait and see the plan the Trump has for them.

Pete Newswanger

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