Trump asylum policy failed rejected by the court

The Trump administration had earlier put across a
policy that forbids the migrants who cross the Mexican border illegally from
the asylum. However, on Friday 21st December, the Supreme Court contradicted
the policy hence denying the Trump government from enforcing the law
immediately. This situation happened after the Chief Justice John G. Roberts
Jr. joined the four-member liberal wing.

This Supreme Court realignment led to a two-sentence
order, which barred the reinstatement of the administration’s asylum policy. Chief
Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh who was appointed by the retired President George W.
Bush in October 2005 is now at the ideological center of the court. This court
ruling can stop the president’s announcement for now, which he made last month.
President Trump proclaimed last month that the eligibility for asylum belongs
to those who migrated to the United States legally or those who applied at the
entry points only. Mr. Trump went ahead to dismiss the ruling stating that it
was due to the Obama influence on the judges. Chief Justice Roberts replied to
Trump saying that no judges belong to a particular president and that the
judiciary is independent. This tension led the immigration officials to cut the
number of people applying for asylum at the ports of entry as they try to
restrict the issuance at any other location.

On Thursday, the Department of Homeland Security gave
another restriction to the migrants stating that they should wait in Mexico as
asylum cases are sorted. Mr. Gelernt noted that the court decision would help
the vulnerable people from the prosecution. On the other hand, the Trump
administration argues that the President is authorized to ensure that there is
security in their border and thus the policy should come into law.

Lacey Tooley

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