Theresa May to present the third Brexit deal on Friday

29th march was the date that Britain was supposed to exit the European Union and yet the parliament is yet to come up with a deal that will ensure a smooth British Exit. British Prime Minister has brought two deals to the house and both of them have been rejected by the members of parliament. In the Brexit day which most of the voters and Theresa May thought they would be leaving the European Union after voting for the referendum, the British Prime Minister will be presenting the third deal to the members of Parliament with the hope that they would support her on the deal.

This time Theresa May is asking the parliament to approve the first deal of the plan to exit the European Union and ignore the future plan for the next weeks after the British Exit. Some of the members think the deal is far much better but that does not guarantee that she will get the support the deal. May has said if the parliament supports her deal, she will resign as the prime minister.

One of the political leaders who has been against the Brexit deal is the Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn. According to him, withdrawal deal and political declarations cannot be separated and therefore supporting the Withdrawal deal and ignoring the other is like leaving the European Union blindfolded.

Last week, the European Union gave Britain up to 22nd May for Brexit if they come to an agreement by the end of the week and if not so they were offered a smaller extension up to 12th April 2019

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