Global warming has become one of the biggest challenges in the world that have become hard to control. In the recent proposal by the scientist, though still hypothetical, the scientist believes global warming can be controlled by spraying sun dimming chemicals into the earth atmosphere.

This proposal was suggested by a scientist from Harvard and Yale universities in a published Journal on Environmental research letters. In the study, the scientist suggested spraying large amounts of sulfate particles into the earth lower atmosphere in order to the dim the sun rays coming to the earth.

The technology is expected to be cheaper in controlling global warming as compared to the techniques being used today. The cost of setting up the equipment is expected to be $3.5 billion and the cost of running for 15 years is projected to be $2.5 Billion. Although the proposal is undeveloped there is no aircraft that is suitable for that task.

It might be a great technology or not but there are many questions on how it will really work. A lot of work will be needed for it to work. It is a challenge coming up with regulations and funds that can control global warming in the global warming summit; therefore it will be a great challenge bringing together all the leaders to agree on such technology.

Dimming the sun might not be the answer to global warming, the solution would be all the countries and the governing bodies to ensure they agree to the global warming policies and this will reduce global warming in the world.

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