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Lacey Tooley

Writer & Founder

Writing comes naturally to me. From writing fantasy fiction in school to taking it up professionally as an economics and financial markets writer in 2010, I have come a long way. I write tax and budget blogs for TaxVox. My areas of interest include business, law, finance etc.

I completed my degree in Mass communication and then took up an apprenticeship at a local news house. Since then, I have had several gigs as a journalist, editor, freelance writer and columnist over my tenure of 10 years as a writing professional.

Email: lacey.t@industryweek24.com
Phone: +1(617) 467-3500

Pete Newswanger

Sr. Author & Editor

Finance as a subject has always intrigued me, first as an economics student and then as a writer. I started my career as an investment banker and started part-time writing for business chronicles. My writing interest is majorly focused on areas such as entrepreneurship, strategy planning for big and small businesses and stock markets.

I have published multiple articles in areas such as franchising, entrepreneurship and strategizing. I now write regular columns in business generals and freelance for several online blogs.

Email: pete.n@industryweek24.com
Phone: +1(212) 733-2340

Tim Coleman


With thorough interest in media and technology, I write about everything tech. Over the past 8 years, I have written numerous articles and research papers about international trade and consumer media. I also write opinion pieces about video games, internet, and evolving technology. My engineering degree in the field of information systems also helped a great deal in strengthening my interest and knowledge in the field of technology.

I use this expertise to the best of my knowledge in my writings to bring the best to the readers.

Email: tim.c@industryweek24.com
Phone: +1(781) 642-4500