Original Google Pixel and Pixel XL will support the new Android Q Beta release

You may be surprised if you thought Android 9 would be the last android operating system update, Android seems to be consistently introducing new operating systems for the last four years. Introduction of Android Q by Google on 13th of March was a clear indication that Android is not stopping any time soon.

In another twist of things by Google, it has confirmed that anybody with the original Google Pixel and Pixel XL can update their phones to Android Q beta. The move is meant to increase the lifespan of the two Android phones which introduced in the market in 2016. In the company’s original timeline, the company had planned to be the final android operating system for Google pixel which was launched with android 7.2 Nougat preinstalled.

The extension by Google has set the bar very high by giving Android pixel phones three additional releases worth of Android features and refinements, Not many phone manufacturers have been able to achieve this. Google Pixel and Pixel XL are no longer sold by at the Google stores or most carriers but they are commonly used by a number of Android lovers. This is a clear indication that there is a huge fan base of the two phone models even though they are old, and most of the people believe that one of the main reason why Google has opted to include Google pixel and pixel XL in the new android update release Android Q beta.

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