New Zealand Christchurch shooting victims’ bodies to be released to the families

The death toll has risen to 50 people in what is considered to be the worst shooting massacre in New Zealand. The shooting conducted by a sole Australian gunman Brenton Tarrant targeted two Mosque in Christchurch. The body of the victims are expected to be returned to their families within the shortest time to all the families have burial arrangements. More people are in still in hospital in critical condition and the number of victims may increase with time.

“Those family members who require the grieving, their grieving process isn’t beginning,” JavedDadabhai, who lost his cousin and came from Auckland to help organize the funerals.

“But we need to give [authorities] all the time they need for investigations … We wouldn’t want to think that because some pressure or haste from our community that we’re going to put the police in a situation they’ll regret later.”

The prime minister said that the bodies are expected to be released on Wednesday. This comes as the Muslim community begins funeral preparation using heavy machinery to dig the graves at a site in the city east.

An outpouring of grief across the nation continued today as an estimated 11,000 people turned out for a vigil in Wellington, while Ardern attended a wreath-laying at a mosque in the capital.

Flowers continued to pile up around mosques, which remain heavily guarded.

In Christchurch, hundreds continued to flow past memorials this afternoon, praying and crying.

Lots of people from different parts of the world took to social media to grief with New Zealand during this trying moment.

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