New Poll Shows That Some Evangelical Whites Support Trump’s U.S.-Mexico Border Wall Plan

The support given to the U.S. President Donald Trump by white evangelicals in recent times has taken a hit, having dropped by about 10 percent since he assumed office in January 2017. This new finding was released on Monday by Pew Research Center.

According to this latest Poll by PRC, the US president has the approval of about 69% white evangelicals -which is roughly 7- in-10, who supports the way he is handling his position as the number one U.S. citizen. This number is down by almost 10 % from the 78 % who were impressed with his method of handling his job shortly after he assumed office.

Within the evangelical community, President Donald Trump has been a divisive figure since he took the reins of the presidency. Jerry Falwell Jr., a prominent evangelical and Liberty University’s president has been a staunch supporter of Donald Trump and his policies. This cannot be said of a few others. Beth More, the founder of Living Proof Ministries, with a vast number of female evangelical followers cannot be said to show an inch of support to the Trump’s administration; publicly opposing it.

Other evangelicals have shown mixed feelings about the administration such as Rick Warren, Saddleback Megachurch’s pastor in Orange County, California, serving over twenty thousand congregants weekly. The mixed stance taken by Warrens is reflected by many evangelicals as shown by another poll conducted by Pew in August 2018. This poll reflected that the president has not set a high moral standard for the office since assuming power. Since the declaration of his candidacy for as President, Donald Trump and his administration have been involved in multiple scandals.

According to Pew, white Catholics and Protestants are less approving of Trump with about 48% and 44% favoring his administration when compared to white evangelicals. While non-white Catholics and black Protestants consistently disapprove of his administration.

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