New Government Report Says That One-Third Of Uninsured People Cannot Afford Prescription Medications

A new report by the government has shown that a whopping number of uninsured Americans, one-third, did not take their prescribed medicines to reduce costs. One of the top concerns facing the nation is the high cost of prescription medications.

Lawmakers and officials of Trump’s administration have placed makers of drugs under increased scrutiny in light of recent developments of people dying from being unable to afford prescribed medications.

The Center for Disease Control released a report on Tuesday. It showed that about 60 percent of adults within the ages of 18 – 64 reported being assigned with drug prescription within the past year from 2017. The report identified different ways people attempt to reduce their expenses which included finding alternative therapies, asking referrals to cheaper drugs from their doctors or even skipping prescribed medications entirely.

The report found out that those covered by private insurances fared better with purchasing drugs as only 8.4 percent of this group were observed to avoid prescription medication. Non-elderly adults who tried to lower cost by not following the doctors prescription were 11.4 percent.

More individuals, about 1 in 5, are reported to look for cheaper options to the prescribed ones. This number was found to be alarmingly high in the uninsured category as 40 percent of this group requested for cheaper alternatives.

In total, a little over 5 percent used alternative therapies which include about 14 percent who are uninsured, the report goes on to show. Men are less likely to attempt to reduce cost in buying drugs as compared to women.

The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that about 80 percent of Americans perceive the prices of prescribed drugs as unreasonably high, according to their tracking poll in February.

These studies are a few among the mounting evidence describing the struggles between Americans and high prices of pharmaceutical products.

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