Michael Flynn asks to Be Spared from Prison because of the Help that he gave the Special Counsel

Lawyers for Michael T.
Flynn, former national security adviser to President Donald Trump, asked a
federal judge late Tuesday to spare him prison time for misleading
investigators. His lawyers suggested that the F.B.I agents who interviewed him
in 2017 at the White House tricked him into lying.

The lawyers said that
Flynn has cooperated well with the authorities, that he met with the federal
investigators 19 times and he even spoke to them for more than 62 hours. Mr.
Flynn’s lawyers argued that his remorsefulness, great military service together
with his willingness to help special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, only
warrants probation.  The lawyers further asked the federal
judge to spare Mr. Flynn from prison time and offer him 200 hours of community
service and probation which is less than a year with minimal supervision.

When Mr. Flynn entered his guilty plea, he said that he was trying his best to set
things right and that he has done so. The
document that was filed late Tuesday includes praises about Mr. Flynn’s 33-year
military career. Some of his achievements during his lengthy career includes
four Bronze Stars and other recognition.

Among the people who
gave praises about Mr. Flynn include Retired General Jack Keane who credited
Flynn with he practiced intelligence in the wars during September 11, 2001. Mr.
Flynn was to lead to the Defense Intelligence Agency but left in a clear out by
the Obama administration.

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