Mexico agrees to support US planned asylum policy by cutting a deal with Donald Trump

The United State has come into agreement with the incoming government to allow the asylum seekers to stay in Mexico while awaiting the verdict of the court this is according to Washington Post. The Washington Post stated that the Mexican officials and senior member of the president of the United States had come to an agreement on the issue. Although the details of the of the agreement have not been fully agreed on, the asylum seekers will stay in Mexico while waiting for the court decision and therefore ending the “catch release” policy where the person seeking asylum would stay in the united states while waiting for the decision of the court.

This agreement will be a significant win for Donald Trump in the fight against immigrants. The trumps government has had a great relationship with the incoming Mexico president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez and the negotiation for this deal have been continuing for the past two months in secret.

The implementation of this agreement will enable the United States government to control the number of immigrants coming to the country. On Saturday Donald Trump took to Twitter to say that the country will only allow immigrants who come legally to the United States of America. He also said immigrants at the southern border will not be allowed to come to the United States.

Some of the leaders in the incoming Mexican movement tend to oppose and they are saying there was no agreement between the United States government and the Mexican. The future interior minister Ogla Sanchez denied claims that there was an agreement that the asylum would stay in Mexico while waiting for the court decision.

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