Meet Shahadi Wright Joseph Who Features In the Horror Film ”US”

Shahadi wright Joseph is mostly known for her singing. However, in John Peele’s horror film “US” it’s her silence which is intriguing and freaky at the same time too.

Shahadi is a teenage actress, singer and plays Zora Wilson in the horror film US. She acts in scenes where the appearance of invaders ruins the family vacation. She also acts as Umbrae, the resident daughter of an evil clan known as “The Tethered.”

Wright josephs make a great performance in the film as she turns 14 years next month.

She has also played little dance next to pop stars Arianne Grande and Jennifer Hudson in 2016 in NBC’s Hairspray Live. Here is more about what you need to know about the young actress.

Her Director is the One Who Came Up with the Scary Smile

Since it was necessary to have dissimilarities between Zora and Umbrae, Shahadi joined hands with Peele to adjust some postures and running styles.

Wright Joseph said that it is Umbrae wicked smile which defines her. During the auditions, Peele told Shahadi that Umbrae was born smiling and so she had to embody her as best as she could.

She Loves Crafting

In many instances, you are more likely to find a needle in Shahadi`s hands. She said that during her free time she loves to knit and that you would find her knitting when on set for the horror film “US.”

She also says that she did not have to prepare much for the role of Zora as compared to the role of playing Umbrae.

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