Lower Level Official To Represent Mark Zuckerberg In The Hearing With The Seven Lawmakers

Mark Zuckerberg will not testify to a joint hearing with the seven lawmakers, this is according to the letter sent by the company. The chief executive director rejected the request to attend the hearing by seven lawmakers from Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Singapore, Latvia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom and instead he will send the vice president of Facebook’s policy solutions to answer the questions of the panel.

This decision to reject the request to testify in the hearing may increase Facebook conflicts with the governments. Facebook relationship with many governments has not been very great due to its companies business practices. All the representatives aim at finding out how the company is ensuring their citizen’s data is protected and how to control the use of this social media to avoid manipulations and spreading false information.

Facebook woes started when the company was linked to being working with Cambridge analytical. Cambridge analytical is a political analyst that harvested personal data of millions of people without their consent and used the data in the manipulation of the elections in different countries. Facebook was fined for the breaking the law of data privacy.

Leaders from all over the world have requested the executive director of the Silicon Valley company to appear to the hearing to clarify how the social company handles personal data and how to control hate speech and terrorism on social media. In Brazil, for example, social media especially Facebook and WhatsApp have been used to spread false information for most of the leaders during the past Elections

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