Kaley Cuoco Breaks Down as She Thanks Fan Who Returned Her Missing Wallet

As the big bang theory is almost coming to an end, Kaley Cuoco became emotional, reason as to why she broke down in tears is because one of the fans of the sitcom returned her missing wallet.

Cuoco who is 33 years took to Instagram and posted several videos on her Instagram story telling the events which had happened a few days ago when she had lost her wallet in Calif restaurant.

The actress said that she had an interesting week, busy and quite emotional. She went ahead to say that a beautiful thing happened to her and she just had to share it.

Kaley recalled the moment when she realised that something was amiss and that she had misplaced her wallet.

She became hysterical as she could not remember where she had kept it. She burst into tears after realising that her purse had been lost.

She managed to call the restaurant and asked them if they had seen it. Luckily for her someone had picked it up and turned it into the restaurant management.

The good Samaritan who returned her wallet was a big bang theory viewer.

The purse was later returned with a piece of note which was written “Penny” which is her character’s name on the big bang theory show.

Cuoco later walked into the restaurant crying. She went ahead to thank the good Samaritan and wished that she had met the person who returned her wallet.

Kaley said that she would have given the person all the money or anything else in the wallet if she could have met with them good.

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