England To Be Plunged Into Drought If Water Shortages Persist- Government Agency

UK Environmental Agency warns that England might head into the jaws of death as a result of massive growth in population and change in climate. The population rise accompanied by climatic factors poses a challenge to the water resources leading to depletion.

Sir James Bevan, the head of the agency, advised that the country cuts down on its use of water, or else, it will run short of clean water supply to meet the needs of its populace. He said this while speaking at the Waterwise conference recently in London.

“Water demand will increase with population growth, meanwhile as climate change kicks in, the supply of water will reduce,” he mentioned.

Speaking further, he urges the population to take action or else they will reach the point where there is a lack of water supply; when the line of population growth and climate change cross. This is also known as the jaws of death.

With the expectation of rapid growth in UK population by 8 million in the year 2050, Bevan adds that this numbers will significantly add to the strain on the supply of water, and the daily use of water for each person will reduce from 140L to a 100L in 20 years time.

He further went on to highlight steps everyone can take to reduce the chances of this national crises. This includes taking short baths over deep baths, using low flush toilets, leaving lawns un-watered, and taking various water management routes. Over half of summers in the UK will be hotter by 2040 than it was in 2003. Also, the water supplies from rivers will drop by 50 to 80 percent, he predicts.

According to Sir Bevan, the jaws of death can be avoided by England through the reduction of water wastage by investing in new plants for desalination and fixing leaks from water pipes. He urged for an overall attitude change to avoid this situation.

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