Egyptian actress Rania Youssef could be handed a five-year jail term for revealing legs

Egypt is a fairly conservative country. Much worse, women and girls in Egypt are still treated as second-class citizens despite efforts by human rights activists to end the discrimination of women in the country.

That being said, Rania Youssef, a celebrated Egyptian actress is currently facing public obscenity charges after wearing a dress that revealed her legs at the Cairo International Film Festival. Even though she later apologized for doing so, there are a lot of people –mainly men- who believe that Rania Youssef went against the culture of the nation.

With a large Muslim population, Egypt is one of the most conservative countries. While Youssef might have only revealed her legs, nevertheless, such a move was considered by many to be obscene, especially from a report published by

Photographs of Rania Youssef’s dress were posted on several social media platforms and invited immediate backlash from a lot of citizens in the country. Youssef is set to face the judge on January 12, 2019, after many lawyers went ahead to complain about her dressing code to the country’s chief prosecutor.

While Rania apologized stating that she miscalculated what she wore and that it was the first time she was doing that, she can actually go to jail for a period of five years. Much is a wait to be seen when she goes on trial, but it seems like the odds are against her, to say the least.

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