Democrat Ben McAdams defeats two term republican representative with a close margin

Two weeks after elections, it is now clear Democrat Ben McAdams is the new member of the house of representative for Utah fourth congressional district. This is after Salt lake city mayor defeated the two-term Republican representative Mia Love. Mia Love was the first black female Republican to be elected in the Congress.

The race was closely contested and it was until the last vote was Tallied that the winner was announced, Ben defeated Mia Love with a margin of only 0.258% which is barely over 0.25% that one can request for a recount. There was an increase in voter turnouts as compared to the year 2010 and 2014. In this year 81.93% came out to vote as compared to 52% in the previous years.

After he was pronounced the winner Ben McAdams stated the elections were all about connecting with the people of Utah Jazz and to choose the right person to represent the people of Utah. Ben McAdams was seen as a solid moderate and not a typical democrat who was willing to work with the Republicans in the Congress. He was among the first 16 Democrats who signed a letter opposing the election of representative Nancy Pelosi.

Mia love was born by Haitian parents in New York and she was one of the congresswomen who criticized trump on his vulgar remarks on immigrants from Haiti and Africa. This is what Trump had to say about Mia Love after she lost the election “Mia Love gave me no love And she lost. Too bad. Sorry about that, Mia.”.

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