David Stringer Former Arizona Rep Says That He Was Forced to Resign After Reports That He Paid Boys to Have Sex with Him in 1983

Davis Stringer took to Facebook on Saturday to claim his innocence after following reports that he was detained in 1983 for paying boys to have sexual intercourse with him.

David also added and said that he was forced to resign by the Republican leaders. The house of representatives released a report by the Baltimore police on Friday. The report was on ethics investigation about Mr. Stringer.

The report stated that David was accused of raping a young boy in Maryland. Stringer said that the charges he faced in 1983 were false.

Mr. David claims that he was never convicted, but court records show that he had accepted a plea on some changes and was sentenced to five years of supervised probation. Also, he was required to get admitted to a clinic which is for sexual offenders.

However, few details about the case are known since the case was later expunged. The Baltimore police report was gotten by a private investigator who works for the House Ethics Committee, which investigated allegations about his sex crimes.

The report said, David was arrested after one of the boys told the investigators that David met him together with a friend at a park and asked them to go to his house to have sex.

The report also says that the boys were below 15 years and one of them had a disability. Stringer paid $10 to each of the boys after having oral sex.

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