Boeing 737 Max Aircraft Approval by The FAA is Being Investigated in The US Per WSJ

Boeing 737 Max Aircraft Approval by The FAA is Being Investigated in The US Per WSJ

Following the devastating crashes of two Boeing planes recently, the U.S. Department of Transportation has launched an investigation into the approval of the aircraft by the Federal Aviation Administration as reported by The Wall Street Journal on Sunday.

The inquiry reportedly began after the October 2018 crash of a new Boeing 737 Max 8. All 189 people on board Indonesia’s Lion Air operated aircraft lost their lives after it crashed into the Java Sea.

Another 157 people on board a Boeing 737 Max 8 plane operated by Ethiopian Airlines lost their lives when it crashed few minutes after take-off on March 10th of this year. A statement was released on Sunday by Dagmawit Moges, the Ethiopian Transport Minister saying that there is “a clear similarity” of this incident with that of Indonesia’s Lion Air. He added that the flight data recorder of the aircraft contained information backing this assertion.

A subpoena which seeks to obtain important files and documents was issued to the developers of the Boeing 737 Max by a grand jury in Washington just a day after the crash of the Ethiopian Airlines plane, the WSJ reported. Although it is unclear if the Justice Department probe is connected to the inquest by the DOT.

Last year November, it was reported by the Journal that Boeing did very little to inform the airline industry about its flight safety system which is believed to be the major cause of the Indonesian incident.

This has affected Boeing shares which fell drastically from their 52-week high of $446.01 recorded earlier in the month. On Friday, the share included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average index rose 1.52 percent to $378.99.

Several countries in Europe and other parts of the world including China, Indonesia, and the U.S. have banned the use of Boeing 737 Max planes in their airspace following two fatal crashes of the same aircraft models within six months.

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