Barbara Bush had dropped her Republican Party tag after Trump’s Victory

In a book that is yet to be released, Barbara Bush notes that she no longer considered herself a Republican as a results of Trump’s win. The long time Republican member has earlier on identified herself as Republican a title she held despite who was at the leadership position. An excerpt from the book by author Susan Page notes, “After Trump’s rise, she saw it as a party she could not continue to support, a party she no longer recognized — even as one of her grandsons, George P. Bush, was on the ballot as a Republican running for re-election as Texas land commissioner,”.

She noted that attacks by President Trump towards her son Jeb Bush were some of the reasons as to why she did not like President Trump. Jeb Bush had vied for the presidential post where he was involved in war of words with President Trump during the Campaigns. The nook also notes that during the election, Barbara Bush neither voted for Trump or Hillary Clinton but rather wrote down Jeb Bush’s name on the ballot. She also notes that after Trump’s victory was announced she started the countdown on time left in his presidency.

However the book also notes that she wrote Melania Trump a letter welcoming her to the exclusive First Ladies club. She also had written a letter which she expected to Bill Clinton in case he became the presidential spouse if Hillary Won.

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