2020 Candidates Weigh Joe Biden’s Interest in Vying for Presidency After Kissing Allegations

On Saturday, March 30th Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren said that she believed kissing allegations made by Lucy Flores. Lucy Flores claims that former vice president Joe Biden’s kissed and inappropriately touched her.

Warren made this remarks during an event in storm lake. Other aspiring presidential candidates also responded to reporters’ questions regarding Joe Biden.

Warren also said that Joe Biden needed to give people an explanation. Lucy Flores who is a former Nevada states assemblywoman published an article on New York’s Magazine. She described a scene in the year 2014 when she was 35 years and a nominee for the Democratic lieutenant governor of Nevada.

During that time Biden supported Lucy’s campaign, and it was during one of her rally’s that he approached her. Flores said that it was when she was preparing herself to give a speech to the crowd when she felt two hands hold her on her shoulders.

She froze as she felt Joe get close to her from behind. Biden then inhaled the scent of her hair before going ahead and planting a kiss on the back of her head.

When asked whether she thought Joe Biden should not vie for the presidency after the kissing allegation Florence said that it was up to Joe to decide.

Bill Russo who is Biden’s spokesman issued a statement saying that the former vice president does not remember any instance when he kissed or touched Lucy inappropriately.

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